Runway Plan Ignores Environmental Damage

Irreparable environmental damage would be done if a rumoured plan to build a third runway south-west of Heathrow Airport go under way.

Councillor Ravi Govindia exhorted airport bosses to reconsider any attempt to construct a third runway – He pointed out that building work would need to be carried out on land protected by EU wildlife which is a serious breach of environment directives, the cleaners in Putney said.
Cllr Govindia also said:

A new south-western runway would involve building on protected water bodies close to the airport, which would decimate wildlife habitats and potentially have implications for the proper functioning of nearby reservoirs.

The only way to avoid this area while ensuring sufficient runway separation between the existing southern runway and a new one would be to build it directly to the south of the airport - exactly where the 2M group predicted the desired site was earlier this year.